Whether it is one earring, a silver coin, a broken necklace or a jewelry box full, if it is GOLD or Silver - We Want to BUY IT! With gold and silver prices sooo high it doesn't make sense to hold on to jewelry you don't wear or coins you can only look at. In most cases, the precious metal jewelry is made out of is worth more than the jewelry itself. The same is true of silver and gold coins. We recycle the metal and you get CASH.
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Need Cash Today? We Buy Gold & Silver 
We simply weigh your items, determine the percentage of precious metal, look up the current spot price and give you a FREE estimate in minutes. If you accept our offer, we'll pay you CASH on the spot. No amount is too large or too small.
                      Cash Plus of Dundee - 28019 Hwy 27, Dundee FL 33838
                                               Phone - 863-439-5848
Across Hwy 27 from the Dundee McDonald's