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Mobile (Manufactured) Homes are difficult to insure with many insurance companies, they are different in many respects to a block or frame home. At Competitive Insurance, we WELCOME insuring mobile homes! Wether you own the land or rent it, we can get you the insurance you need.
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At Competitive Insurance, we have developed strong relationships with over a dozen insurors. You are probably wondering why so many. The fact is that each insuror has a different perspective about the property and people they are insuring. Some companies are very competitive with full coverage auto policies, but are uncompetitive with minimum coverage. Each company weighs Motor Vehicle Reports differently. Some insurors won't insure homes older than a certain age. Our agents are trained to match our customers with the insurance company that best suits his or her situation. When renewal time comes around, our agents make sure our customer's are still with the best match. The television wants you to beleive that one insurance company can do it all, and maybe they can. At Competitive Insurance, we match each policy with the insurance company best suited for each situation. When the situation changes, we have another look - that's Competitive!

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We write homeowner's insurance, auto policies, motorcycle and watercraft policies, OTR commercial truck insurance, business general liability policies, errors and omissions policies and many more. Whatever your needs, we are happy to help.
"We were told that mobile homes could no longer be insured in Florida! Competitive Insurance had our policy ready in minutes!"
-A.J. Tavares, FL
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